Meeting Minutes
Thursday January 18, 2018

Tri County RC Club Minutes of meeting on April 24, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President Larry Kosinar at 8:00pm with 39 members and 6 guests in attendance.

Treasurers Report: Treasurers report submitted by Joe Plotnick, motion by Chris Leeds, 2nd by John Donnelly to accept report, motion carried

Air Benders Fun Fly Report: May Air Benders was turned into a work party for the new field. June Air Benders fun fly will be streamer combat. All future Air Benders will be at North Brunswick field

Presidents Report: Expenses for the new runway and field so far was just over $3,125.00. A discussion regarding further costs culminated in a motion by John Donnelly and 2nd by Ricky Criqy for an additional $1,000.00 of future expenses, motion carried. Larry discussed the possibility of the membership dues being razed to $50.00 per year. Larry received and email from Old Bridge airport inviting the TCRC club to their open house on July 7th to set up a display and perhaps put on an air-show.

Indoor Report: Emery reports, the last indoor session is next Sunday. We will have Dave Lockhart as a guest. Additionally we will have Vapor races, ribbon and balloon slalom. Have contacted the press for coverage. The parents have expressed a willingness to attend the Metuchen street fair.

Old Business: Alex reported the club Apprentice repaired and ready

New Business: New member voted in club was Ricky Schumaker

Crash of The Month: John Reyes crash his quad copter while using it to rescue his helicopter in a tree. Both are repairable

Model of The Month: Anatoliy Yakirevich, Balsa & monocote E-cobra and Chris Leeds showed an airplane he saved from the trash and repaired

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Chris Orban and second by Frank Kopske. Meeting adjourned by President at 9:30pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike DiGennaro


Tri County RC Club: Minutes of meeting on March 27, 2014

Meeting was called to order by president Larry Kosinar at 8:02pm with 34 members, 3 guests in attendance.

Guest Speaker Dick Sarpolus gave a talk about his decades of modeling and deigns he also showed examples of his foam profile warbirds.  

Minutes: motion to accept previous minutes as posted on the club website by Steve Kish and 2nd by Peter Dushiewicz., motion carried

Treasurers Report: motion to accept treasurer’s report by Steve Kish and 2nd by Bill Lesko, motion carried. Joe Plotnick distributed and explained the proposed 2014 budget. A motion made by Tony Carrcolo and 2nd by Chris Orban to accept the proposed budget, motion carried.

Air Benders Fun Fly Report: March fun fly report posted on web site. April fun fly will be turned into a work party for the new airfield.

Presidents Report: Club will attend the North Brunswick fair & car show called “Cops and rods” on April 27th. Suggestion we offer honorary life membership and a plaque to Dr. Peter Jakab for his role in the Udvar Hazey bus trip. Motion by Alex Sezmere and 2nd by Frank Kopknie to buy plaque for Dr. Jakab, motion carried

Indoor Report: Emery reported 3 indoor sessions remaining. The last being April 27th will have special guest. The Sunday sessions will continue outside when the kids will begin aileron training. Also the indoor program was featured in the latest AMA magazine under District 2.

Old Business: motion by Lill Lesko and Tony Carrcolo to reimburse Larry Kosinar his expenses for Smithsonian bus trip, motion carried

New Business: Emery reported on the new club web site. Web site is up and running with small adjustments to follow. Mike DiGennaro announced the club has a new field in North Brunswick called Pulda Farms and that improvements for our use will begin immediately. Mike DiGennaro forwarded a proposal and estimate for a textile RC runway and tables for the new field. Motion made by John Donnelly and 2nd by Steve Kish to allocate $2000.00 for the new field improvements and runway construction, motion carried

Crash of The Month: Chris Orban described who he lost orientation on a 160 sized Ultra stick and put it nose fist at Heavenly Farms

Model of The Month: John Donnelley off his foam Hitech Corsair

50/50: 1st Bill Higgens, 2nd Alex Ross, 3rd Steve Kish, 4th Gene Letcher

Fuel Raffle: None

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Chris Leeds and second by Peter Dushiewicz. Meeting adjourned by President at 9.46pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike DiGennaro


Tri County RC Club


Minutes of Meeting on February 27, 2014

Meeting was called to order by President Larry Kosinar at 8:20 with 25 Members in attendance and one guest.


Motion to accept previous meeting minutes as posted on web site by Frank Kopitskie second by Tony C.

Treasurers Report

Glenn Bowman is filling in for Joe Plotnick.

Motion to forgo treasurers report by Frank Kopitskie second by Tony C.

Air Benders Fun Fly Report

Mike DiGennaro reported February “Clunker: fun fly had a good turn out despite the snow. 2013 prize raffle saw Peter D, Chris Orban and John Donnelly win an airplane, a kit and a wind sock respectively. All prizes donated by Larkk K and Mike D. Next Air Benders is Limbo and spot landing March 1st at H.Farms. Asked for members to donate for 2014 prizes.  

President’s report

Larry Kosinar reported on the Bus Trip to the Smithsonian air & space Udvar Hazy museum is scheduled for March 8th departing from Heavenly Farms at 7am. Tickets available from Larry for $50.00 still have 15 seats open and have invited two other clubs to join us

Reported Bob Farnum passed away and Former Member Brian A. passed away

Indoor Report

Emery Mersh reported the indoor fun fly for the children was a success and all had fun and discussed the possibility of a monthly indoor fun fly. The TAG grant application is completed and will be mailed. Fund rising is the next focus for the children and there parents and there will be an outdoor fun fly at the school. (date to be announced)

Old Business

Nanook fun fly had a respectable turn out and President Larry Kosinar handed out awards to all who attend.


New Business

Gerry Rodel reported the AMA brick pavers for our members who past are in place.

Larry Kosinar ask the membership as to the club attending or not attending the 2014 Metuchen street fair this year or to explore other options and Ed Pochenski volunteered to perform the club audit and would some other members help out.

Larry Kosinar put forward the possibility of the club holding an R/C auction in the spring and a brief discussion ensued

Motion to purchase the web software for the club by Charlie Day and second by Alex Ross

Crash of the month   none


Model Of the Month

One entry by Mike DiGennaro who brought in a Segal Edge 540 ARF with a 20cc DLE engine and various upgrades for 3D flight

The membership voted for the only entry



No 50/50 or fuel raffle

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Tony Palmer and seconded by John Donnelly

Meeting was adjourned by President Kosinar at 9:06 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Mike DiGennaro, Secretary