List of simulators
Monday February 19, 2018

These are some suggested computer RC simulators, some for free.

Please remember that in the US we fly using Mode 2 setup of controls. We can explain what that means at one of the sessions.

Simulators to purchase:

RealFlight (Windows, many indoor and outdoor planes, also with many community buiilt models to download and fly)

RealFlight Commnity Swap Page

RealFlight Basic (Windows, less features than full version and no uploading of new models)

Aerofly 5 (more for outdoor flying)

Aerofly 5 Mac version (more for outdoor flying)

Aerofly 5 Windows version (more for outdoor flying)

Phoenix R/C (Windows)

Reflex XTR2 (Windows)

ClearView (Windows)

Preflight (Windows)

Free simulators:

FMS (Windows)

CRRCsim: Runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OSX (ppc and rosetta compatible) and Windows (98/2000/XP)