Indoor Flying Information & Guidelines
Monday February 19, 2018


Indoor Flying Information & Guidelines


General guidelines:

    • AMA membership is required for anyone intending to fly in the indoor facility. Please carry your AMA card with you at all times and present it if asked.
    • For safety reasons RC models are limited to a maximum weight of 10 ounces, a 300 type brushless motor and a maximum wing loading of 5 ounces per square foot.
    • 72 MHz frequency control or infrared communication will not be permitted in the gym. Radios will operate exclusively on 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum technologies. If you have any concerns as to whether your model is appropriate for flying in the gym, please contact the Tri County RC Club safety officer.
    • The gym is to be kept in a clean condition at all times. Items brought in and garbage should be collected and taken with you when you leave the gym. Carry In - Carry Out is the rule.
    • The gym is divided into 2 sections: the model preparation area and the flight area.
    • The border between these two areas is the flight line, as marked on the floor.
    • Spectators and non-pilots are permitted to stand in the model preparation area, as long as they demonstrate the required care and the TCRC officers or instructors do not state otherwise.
    • The flight area is only to be entered when necessary. (For instance for the recovery of planes, etc.) If you need to enter the flying area, please announce your intentions before entering and ensure that everyone currently flying a plane has acknowledged your request.
    • Fooling around and running back and forth in the model preparation area and the flight area are not permitted.
    • Only suitable models are permitted to be flown in the gym. If sharp edges or pointy areas exist on the model, these must be made safe. (For example landing gear that sticks out without wheels, etc.)
    • Transmitters may only be turned on after making sure that the used channel is not currently in use by another pilot. As only 2.4Ghz Spread Spectrum is permitted, this should not be necessary, however if someone should attempt to use a non 2.4 Ghz radio, the Safety Officer must first be contacted.
    • Models which have not yet had their maiden flights must first undergo a security check by a knowledgeable and experienced TCRC member, instructor or officer.
    • A traffic pattern will be maintained during flights. During the first hour of a session planes must fly left to right closest to the flight line, making left turns, and then in the direction right to left farthest from the flight line. In the second hour of the flight session the direction will reverse. This image shows the direction of flight in the first hour. The direction of flight is reversed in the second hour.


  • Flight instruction will only encompass rc model planes. Participants who have qualified to fly planes may fly mini and micro helicopters in the right corner of the gym under the supervision of a Tri County RC Club instructor, officer or member.


Flight times:

  • Flight times should not be more than 5 minutes. Between individual flights, pauses of at least 10 minutes should be observed (about the time a battery is recharged). This is to allow other flyers a chance to fly.


Flying behind the flight line:

  • Flying behind the flight line into the model preparation area is strictly forbidden. If any pilot happens to fly behind the flight line for any reason, a flying break of at least 5 minutes is required.


Where pilots may stand:

  • During flight pilots must stand towards the center of the flight line which divides the flight area from the model preparation area. (See the smaller rectangular area drawn in the image above.) Standing in the corners of the gym or a distance from the center is not permitted.
  • Guest pilots may be permitted to fly in exceptional cases, as long as they do not disturb or interrupt training.
  • Smoking is prohibited at all times in any Metuchen district building and on school grounds. No one may bring alcoholic beverages onto any school property. All facility use shall comply with state and local fire, health, safety and police regulations.