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Thursday January 18, 2018

FPV Rules For Both Main and Multi-rotor Airfields

5.8 video frequencies


Frequency          Common Name         Channel         Antenna Suggestion

5685                  Boscam E                  CH #2                 LHCP

5740                  Airwave FatShark       CH #1                 RHCP

5780                  Airwave FatShark       CH #3                 LHCP

5820                  Airwave FatShark       CH #5                 RHCP

5860                  Airwave FatShark       CH #7                 LHCP

5905                  Boscam E                  CH #6                 RHCP


  • Video channels are “first come, first serve” except during events, be polite take turns.
  • Turn on your Goggles first to see if anyone else is using the same frequency
  • Call out the warning “powering up” before turning on any video transmitter
  • Do-not power up transmitters in the pits or close to other pilots who are flying
  • Disconnect power before returning your model to the pits after flying
  • Fly in the field you are standing in ONLY. Do-not cross over fields
  • Do-not fly over the parking lot or pit area
  • The multi-rotor field is for multi-rotor aircraft only
  • All TCRC field rules and AMA rules apply to FPV

RHCP = Right hand circular polarized

LHCP = Left hand circular polarized

* Most standard “out of the box” FPV antennas are RHCP