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Thursday January 18, 2018
FPV Racing
Some information on what Rich Rodriguez and I are working on for the TCRC FPV crowd.

FPV Fixed wing event(s)
Starting in the new year will hold FPV airplane only events including pylon racing, limbo, and more. Meanwhile most if not all Air Bender fun fly events welcome FPV airplanes. We also will have a buddy box training program for first timers.
FPV Quad Racing:
Lots of news in this department. We will soon be a chapter club in the racing group called Multi GP (link below) If your interested even slightly, you should register as a pilot with them (No cost) This will come into play later when we start running organized race events as you will need to register to attend each one.
We will soon have a separate and interdependent quad race field at Pulda so there will not be any interference between quads and any other flying at Pulda. The race field will be the south corner (If your standing at the normal flight line it is the corner of the property at your left rear) Grass cutting will hopefully be completed any day.
I have been in contact with Frank Costello who is the founder of two race teams, one in New York (FPV Addiction) plus a newer one in New Jersey (S3) and he reviewed our field with me at Pulda yesterday. Frank and his pilots are extremely excited about flying with us and having a place in NJ to race. His guys are at the top of the sport and we can all learn a great deal from these guys.
The First Event Is This Sunday; 09/20/15
Frank, Rich and me have organized the first TCRC event for this Sunday as a test race to see what wrinkles need to be ironed out. Franks team(s) may not attend but he has a bunch of other race pilots from a "meet up" group that will attend.
Each of us will need a transponder:
The race timing system requires each quad to have a transponder. They cost $35.00 each and can be used at many other FPV racing events other than ours.  Rich and I are working out the details and we will get back to everyone later today on how, where and when we can organize getting these transponders and if we can get around using them for this first test race since we may not have enough time to get them before Sunday.
* If your not ready to race I think you should still come on Sunday to learn more about the sport as we all will be.