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  • Air Benders September 1, 2013 Fun Fly Report

    Air Benders September 2013 Fun Fly Report:

    It was overcast, gloomy and humid Sunday morning September 1st but we still had 10 hardy souls who braved the threatening skies to engage in a fierce and ruthless tournament not for the weak hearted!

    Well,,,,,,, we flew some airplanes around and busted each others balls mostly. Not speaking for anyone else, my assessment is that was among the most fun I have had with model aviation so far.

    This was a “park-flyer” day so we started with the limbo. I was surprised how challenging the limbo is and I was also surprised how many of our guys did great. Myself, Gerry Roedel and Peter D. all shared the same airplane so that was a busy pit crew with all the bumps and bangs on that airplane. Chris Orban showed off by hovering his 3D plane under the limbo line twice, (I might need to knee cap him in the parking lot before the next fun fly). We had some damaged airplanes from hitting the limbo line and two that lost motors in flight (I think Alex is still out there looking for bits and pieces, Buy a hot glue gun dude.) One of us even snapped off the 5 foot wooden fearing stick I used to hold up the top of the limbo line (I cant lie, it was me). Mike Korb and John Donnely schooled us and had some cool thumbs under pressure, Tony Caracciolo demonstrated his patented street landing technique and Tony Palmer wanted us see a demonstration as to what happens if your elevator is reversed and simultaneously see him pull off the shortest flight of the day, he was successful on both counts.

    Then we moved onto the spot landing challenge and I was surprised again how hard it was especially for the foamy 3D airplanes. Gene Letcher, (Mister 3D) had one hell of a time getting his foamy to cooperate for that. Peter D had to forgo this part because the super deluxe, race ready, twin engine, screaming fast, foamy Cessna we three where sharing (its really bits of EPO foam, CA glue, bamboo sticks and packing tape all holding hands with a battery strapped on) lost a engine in flight and that three man pit crew just could put humpty together again.

    So then I asked if anyone wanted more of this extremely competitive and stressful girly pillow fight we where calling a fun fly when Uncle Alex says, “Who wants to try streamer combat?” me and Chris Orban grabbed two other airplanes and where at the flight line before he put a period on the sentence. We three took to the air like steely eyed veteran combat aces hunting for our next kill!! However; the reality is not quite what I expected. First of all I got light headed because I was having so much fun a forgot to breathe a few times, second is real hard to cut those streamers. Chris and I even tried to hit each other’s airplanes and this was not to be ether.

    “Man O Man, we have to try streamer combat again”!!

    All together the first Air Benders fun fly must have really sucked because no one that attended said they would come back,,,,,,, unless we hold another one. Luckily they are monthly.

    Next; October 5th is “Balloon Bust” at Edison Park with anything that has wings and can fly.

     In attendance where all TCRC members

    Mike “The ringer” Korb

    Tony “Reverse elevator” Palmer

    Tony “I land in streets” Caracciolo

    Gene “Mister 3D” Letcher

    Alex “Did anyone see where my motor fell off” Szemere

    Chris “Show off” Orban

    Peter “Those are my tress” Duszkiewicz

    John “Witch of these 10 planes should I use next” Donnely

    Gerry “I don’t need no stinking airplane” Roedel

    Mike “I won cuz I did the scoring” DiGennaro



  • Bomb Drop Comes To North Brunswick

    Sunday, July 6th 10:30am is Air Benders bomb drop fun fly.


    Students, new pilots or anyone without a bomb drop device. We will have one of the club trainers (with a buddy box if needed) equipped with a complete bomb drop set up for any member to use. This means NO EXCUSES for not coming. 


    You can use any bomb or release you want as long as its safe (I would recommend the Hobby king kit for $10.00 Rules are simple: drop your bomb on the ground while keeping your airplane in the air, cant get any simpler. There will be clearly marked bulls-eye type rings on the ground with an easy to see flag on a stick in the center

     Three types of drops:

    1st, "Singles", One plane / one bomb, do your best

    2nd, "Dive bomb", same thing but in a dive 

    3rd, "The squadron drop" teams of two or more (if we have enough guys up to four) drop as a team 



    ** Inter club fun fly event(s) in August **

    TCRC will host our first inter club Air Benders Streamer combat fun fly with the Monmouth RC club on Sunday August 3rd at Pulda farms. The Monmouth RC club (MMAC) will in turn host our members for there slalom course fun fly on Sunday August 10th.

    My understanding of the slalom fun fly: First, they run things just like us where they have rules and a theme but no one really keeps score and its just for the fun of it. They tell me any airplane is welcome but that mostly they use foamy’s on a 5 gate timed course.

    I spent some time with these folks at the clubs 50th birthday/fun fly party and I’m happy to say they are a great bunch of folks and this will be lots of fun. MMAC president Matt Hamilton and the members where very welcoming to us at the event and where extremely excited about this idea. In fact they want to visit our field to see the airplanes we use for streamer combat so they can prepare for it. I will visit them and do the same for the slalom course (if anyone would like to join me please call)

    Three more TCRC / MMAC inter club events to follow in the months ahead

    It would be a great display of TCRC club unity if we have a respectable turn out for these. I promise it will be fun! Try and make it if you can!

    Mike D. 

  • Upcoming Fun Fly Events

    Air Benders Monthly Events (2014)

    October 5th: Second Inter club event: Streamer combat

    November 2nd: Third Inter club event: Slalom course

    December 7th: Second annual “Clunker Fly” Year-end prizes and party

    Air Benders Special Events

    October (date to follow) Helicopter pattern fly

    Oct, Nov & Dec, informal pattern practice (dates to follow)

    December 7th: Year-end prizes and party (at the field)

     Much more details to come