Club Constitution + Bylaws
Monday December 18, 2017

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Chartered Club of the

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Charter #434

U.S. Representative for Model Aviation of the

Federation Aeronautique Internationale


ARTICLE 1 - Name

Section 1. The name of this club shall be the Tri-County Radio Control Club.

ARTICLE 2 - Purpose

Section 1. The objectives of this Club shall be to promote Radio Control building and flying and

to aid insofar as possible the national program of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and other

AMA activities, looking toward the continual advancement of model aviation in all its phases in

the United States.

Section 2. All special or local enterprises of the Tri-County Radio Control Club shall conform to

the policies of the Federal Communications Commission (Part 95), the Academy of Model

Aeronautics and to the regulations of that organization governing model aircraft contests.

(amended 8-83)

ARTICLE 3 - Membership

Section 1. All persons shall be eligible for membership in the Tri-County Radio Control Club,

provided that they meet qualifications prescribed by this Club and the Academy of Model

Aeronautics, hold an individual flier's license issued by the AMA, and comply with the current

requirements of the FAA and FCC. (amended 2-16)

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Tri-County Radio Control Club


ARTICLE 1 - Officers

The officers, also known as the Board of Directors, of the Tri-County Radio Control Club shall


(A) A President

(B) A Vice-President

(C) A Secretary

(D) A Treasurer

(E) A Trustee

All officers of the Tri-County Radio Control Club, a duly certified Incorporation in the State of

New Jersey, shall be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.

ARTICLE 2 - Duties

(A) President - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and shall act as spokesman

for the Club in all matters pertaining to it. All correspondence shall be initiated or signed by the


(B) Vice-President - The Vice-President shall act for the President when he is unable to serve.

The Vice-President shall be charged with the function of safety officer. The Vice-President shall

coordinate the operation of the flight instruction program. (amended 10-81)

(C) Secretary - The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and the attendance record of

such meetings. He shall provide himself with an official minutes book for this purpose. The

Secretary shall make available once yearly revised rules changes to members, also providing the

AMA and members with yearly changes of fees and membership. The Secretary shall also be

responsible for all Club correspondence.

(D) Treasurer - The Treasurer shall collect all moneys due and shall keep a record of moneys

received and moneys dispersed by the Club. All transactions, monetary and merchandise, shall be

handled by the Treasurer. At each meeting the Treasurer shall report all monthly Club

expenditures. The Treasurer is also responsible for notifying all Club members who are

delinquent in dues.

(E) Trustee - The Trustee shall act at all times to safeguard and preserve the interests of the Club

as a whole, to supervise the activities of the elected officers of the Club and actively see that all

offices are served adequately, and aid the Club in any manner possible. The Trustee shall also act

as Information Officer. Candidates for this office are to be chosen from those members who have

previously held office for a minimum of one full term in the Tri-County Radio Control Club.

(amended 12-87 and 10-92)

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(F) Board of Directors - The Board of Directors shall act on all matters of general policy and

direct the general activities of the Club and such activities of individual members as relate to the

general welfare of the Club so as to preserve the organization and accomplish the general aims

and purposes of the Club. A decision by the Board of Directors must consist of a unanimous vote

of all five of the directors, or the question must be presented to the membership. (amended 2-92)

ARTICLE 3 - Term of Office

Section 1. All officers of the Tri-County Radio Control Club shall serve for one year from

January 1st through December 31st. (amended 2-92)

Section 2. The elections of officers shall be held annually during the last meeting of the calendar

year then current. The nominations shall be made by a committee of at least three (3) appointed

beforehand for that purpose, or by individual members following the report of the nominating


(Section 3. 2 year term limit deleted in entirety 10-93.)

ARTICLE 4 - Vacancies

Vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors. Such appointee is

to serve until the end of the term for which his predecessor was elected.

ARTICLE 5 - Meetings

Regular business meetings will be held once a month, commencing in January and ending in

December, on the last Thursday of that month, numbering eleven (11) meetings. If a meeting date

falls on a holiday, the Board of Directors will reschedule the meeting. (amended 12-87)

ARTICLE 6 -Regular Business

Section 1. All regular business affairs and enterprises conducted by the Club at regular monthly

meetings shall be directed by the Board of Directors, except that at any time the President or

Board may call a special meeting of the membership to decide on any special problem or business


Section 2. At any Club meeting, a quorum shall be a simple majority of those members present.

All members must be notified of a meeting at least three days before that meeting.

ARTICLE 7 - Dues and Fees

Section 1. Membership dues in this Club shall be paid annually in an amount needed to cover the

present budget. Dues may also be increased in an amount needed to cover a deficit in the

previous year's budget and must be approved by a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors.

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Yearly charter Club fees for members already registered with the AMA as chartered members of

this Club shall be paid by the Club out of the Club's Treasury. (amended 12-87, 10-93)

Section 2. New members to this Club shall pay an initiation fee set by the Board of Directors in

an amount not to exceed one hundred ($100) dollars. Amended 10-93)

Section 3. No special assessment shall be levied upon the Club membership at any time, except by

vote of the membership as a whole, and then only by a majority vote of ninety (90) percent of the

attending membership.

Section 4. Student members (Through 18 years of age as of June 30 of the current year) of the

Club shall pay an initiation fee and dues in the amount of one half (1/2) the current rates.

(amended 8-87)

Section 5. Not more than thirty (30) percent of the Club's gross worth can be spent on any one

event except by vote of the membership as per Article 11 - Amendments. (amended 10-93)

Section 6. All dues must be paid for the current year by March 31st of that calendar year.

(amended 2-92)

Section 7. No member of the Tri-County R/C Club shall be permitted to charge fees or accept

gratuities for giving lessons or instructions in the art of flying and operating aircraft at the current

Flying Field. (appended 9-87) (amended 10-93)

(Note: --Section 7. ... officers exempt from dues...-was deleted in entirety 10-93)

ARTICLE 8 - Special Funds

The Treasurer of the Club is authorized to receive contributions or specially obtained funds from

any individual or institution, to be applied to the operating expenses of the Club.

ARTICLE 9 - Qualifications for membership

Section 1. All members must conduct themselves in a gentlemanly way and show good

sportsmanship at all times. There will be a written warning delivered by certified mail for each

violation of the club rules. The first warning shall be a notice of the violation. A second warning

will also include a one month suspension from flying privileges at the field. A third violation will

be a suspension from all club functions for one full year. Reinstatement can only be made by

satisfying the necessary requirements and being admitted as a new member. All violations are

apealable during the next scheduled meeting after the notice is sent. All suspensions begin the day

after the meeting for appeal. Each notice shall be negated after one full year. All violations will

also be reported in the newsletter. (amended 12-87)

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Section 2. Each new member must have a sponsor in the Club to submit his petition for

membership to the Club. Student members (18 years of age or under) must also have permission

of a parent or authorized guardian. The Board of Directors have the authority to screen any new

member. (amended 12-87)

Section 3. Each new member must hold a valid Open AMA Membership and show proof of same

to the Secretary and Treasurer before a Club membership card is issued. All new members are

automatically classified as students and may not have use of the club airfield(s) without an

instructor present until passing a club approved pilot proficiency test witnessed by two club


Pilot proficiency tests include fixed wing, helicopter, multi-rotor and all FPV aircraft.

(amended 2-92, 3-08, 02-16)

Section 4. Each new member will be accepted for membership in the club by a secret ballot. An

applicant must attend two (2) meetings before being eligible for membership. Membership will be

denied if a potential new member receives four (4) “NO” votes. The applicant may re-apply after

a six (6) month waiting period. (amended 10-93)

Section 5. Active membership begins for a new member immediately upon acceptance by

membership vote at any scheduled meeting and when the new member fulfills all membership

requirements. A new member is not required to pay dues for the month in which he joins, but he

must pay a full year's dues plus initiation fees. The following year's dues will be prorated for

overpayment from the previous year. (amended 12-87)

Section 6. It is the responsibility of each member to act as a policing agent for the Tri-County

Radio Control Club and to notify the individual who is not obeying the rules and regulations of his

misconduct. If serious safety violations are continuous, or if Club safety rules are repeatedly

broken, the Board of Directors shall be notified so that they may take proper disciplinary action.

Section 7. Any member two (2) months in arrears will be contacted by the Treasurer. If the

amounts owing are not paid up by the May meeting, the member can be dropped from the roster

of the Club by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Reinstatement can only be made by

satisfying the necessary requirements and being admitted as a new member. (amended 2-92)

Section 8. Membership limit. A maximum of 150 members will be allowed into the club.

Modelers wishing to apply after the cap is met will be added to a queuing list that will be reviewed

and updated annually.  As club, field and or any other limiting factors may arise, the executive

board may adjust the membership cap as needed. (amended, appended 02-16)

ARTICLE 10 - Committees

Section 1. The committees of this Club shall be appointed by the President to serve throughout

the term of his tenure of office, and their duties shall be indicated by the names given to the

committees with actions subject to the Board of Directors’ approval. (amended 2-92)

ARTICLE 11 - Amendments

Section 1. Amendments may be made to this Constitution and these By-Laws at any general

meeting of the Club membership, provided the members shall have been notified in the issue of the

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FLY PAPER prior to that month's meeting when the amendment is to be considered. Proposed

amendments must be approved by a simple majority of the members present. (amended 5-84)

ARTICLE 12 - Club Colors

Section 1. The Tri-County Radio Control Club official colors will be Blue and Gold.

ARTICLE 13 - Official Club Voice

Shall be by means of electronic mail (email) at least once per month (weekly recommended) to the membership in good standing by the president. The president can recruit another board or club member to carry out this task. This will be the official vehicle to inform the membership of events of interest and official business as specified in Articles 6 and 11.