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Thursday January 18, 2018

Fun Fly / Ribbon Cutting / Runway Road Test

The May 4th Air Benders fun fly will be our celebration for the new field. Think of it like a ribbon cutting, a road test and a fun fly with all your friends around.  This will be a standard format fun fly without any Air Benders theme. Bring out all the airplanes you could not fly at our other fields and test our new runway.

Sunday May 4th, first wheels up at 10:30am (but I would come early) Bring your own lunch. 

Last Minute Addition: For our entertainment, John Reyes has three pro Helicopter pilots doing a demonstration at noon 

Team align - John Dayao
Team alees - Victor Malpica
Team Horizon Hobby - Miguel Velez

“Its Fun, Come Out and Get Some”

Please also check the East Brunswick Aerodrome page for permit info and maps:

The runway is done and the airfield is open.


Our members showed up in numbers that warmed my heart. The runway roll out and install was completed today in record time due to our folks hard work. We started at 9:00 and had the first test flight about 2:00 during our pizza break (thank you Larry). Beside the runway we installed a temporary flight-line fence, pit fence, pilot stations, wind sock and a partial taxiway. A full report later. *reminder* You MUST have a permit to fly at the new field.

(link to permit info:



Air Benders March 1, 2014 Fun Fly Report:

Heavenly Farms Field, Limbo and Spot landing

This was the first repeat of a previous Air Benders fun fly theme. Despite the snow-covered airstrip many members and some non-members braved the frosty forecast to join in the fun. After a late start and with the sun shining bright we had Tony Palmer using his airplane from last months clunker day. Tony decided to demonstrate for us what stress it takes to snap in half a fiberglass airframe and it turns out he knows the exact amount.  Gerry, our club safety officer did a fascinating tutorial on airplane tree retrieval techniques. Gerry is so dedicated to the cause he stranded his own airplane for the demo (and made it look convincingly accidental) To add an additional spicy realism to his demonstration he personally showed us the driving time from Heavenly farms to Edison and back to pick up the airplane retrieval tool.

airbenders march 01airbenders march 02airbenders march 03airbenders march 04

Chris Orban and Emery where both successful at the limbo, spot landing and on airplane damage mostly due to the show covered ground being hard on all things foam! John Reyes also got the airplane bug and showed off his prowess with a Bixler despite all the other heli guys busting his chops. In addition to our fearless airplane drivers we had 7 heli pilots show up for the day, 4 of them non members a of those 2 from a club in New York City. Our own Jim Palistine came to his first club fun fly and decided to fly his heli away from the limbo and Rick Criqui maidened his billon dollar eggbeater for all to see. Local heli pilot Juan showed us what practice could do by flying his Trex 700 under the limbo inverted and our vistor John showed us all why he is an Align factory sponsored pilot.

airbenders march 05

All this said, the most important vehicle and the March Air Benders was Mike Korbs airboat. There seems to be some type of sub concusses mind-numbing affect on the average brain when that thing is around. You can’t stop watching it, you can’t even look away while it’s moving for fear it may do something. I have never seen so many adults (or near adults) stair at an object that has only one function and that is to slide across the ground. Perhaps Mike could bring this thing to every club event to help keep our turnouts high.   

Air Benders is slowly getting the hang of things and each time we learn more and each event sucks less then the previous one.

Next Air Benders April 5th is “test your nerve” Day.


BOMB DROP” & “COMBAT” coming soon 

“Its fun, Come out and get some”

Respectfully, Mike D.


February 1, 2014 Air Benders Fun Fly Report:

Edison field, Clunker day


Lots of snow, but we had loads of fun and you missed it !!!


Respectfully, Mike D.



Air Benders December 7th 2013 Fun Fly Report:

  On the 72nd anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack the Air Benders held a streamer combat fun fly. In spite of the cold and wind a small number of club members plowed through their discomfort and came to fend off any interlopers into Tri County air space at Heavenly Farms. To defend club honor our Steely eye combat pilots engaged in furious air battles like Roman gladiators in the colliseum.  Although that may have been the fantasy, the reality was slightly different. As it turned out, hitting a streamer on the opposing airplane is similar to setting your watch while riding a surfboard. so our brave and hearty gladiators started to look like castrated mice.  On the first battle Tony C. must have accumulated too much battle damage and lost the fight to keep his airplane from eating dirt. During the second battle Alex drew first blood by stripping a streamer from an opposing airplane and during the third battle I managed to gnaw on Larry’s wing with my propeller. Just after calling it a day for the event, Alex and Chris took to the air once more where Chris scored a picture perfect streamer cut.

  In all we had fun. Even though the turnout was low, and we all had  somewhat of a lack luster drive to play the game it turned out fine. It was a laid back fun fly by Air Benders standards and we learned about how to do streamer combat. Special thanks go out to Joe Plotnik and Emery Mearsh for coming out to support a club event. I would like to also thank Mike Korb for being the only club member to come last monlth to the failed Helicopter fun fly even though he is not a Helicopter guy.

Chris “hold on while I fix my plane” 

Tony “Down in flames” 

Alex “Ill keep flying while you guys get ready”   

Larry “Bomber pilot”

Mike ”let me break my airplane”

and the ground crew was Joe P and Emery M

Respectfully, Mike DiGennaro