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Thursday January 18, 2018

Air Benders October 5th 2013 Fun Fly Report:

 The second Air Benders fun fly is in the record books better know as the “balloon bust” with one point for cutting a streamer and 10 points for popping a balloon with three of these targets at center field for each pilot.

 Picture it, Edison Field on an October morning. The helium is flowing and the streamers are streaming and eight RC pilots are here today to smash, hack, bust, pop and otherwise obliterate floating targets of latex and lighter then air gas! Meanwhile I’m putting to good use my years of clown collage with a circus major into blowing up balloons and cutting streamers the whole time thinking, “is this a hobby, a sport, or a menial disorder. 

 As it turns out using helium balloons for an RC fun fly is similar to herding cats in the dark with a bullhorn. They are in control; you are not; and they absolutely have a mind of their own and will only corporate if they are in the mood.

 We started with a test where John Donnelly expertly and promptly popped a balloon with what seemed like ease so I expected to be running out of helium by midday.   Well, no so fast,,,,, We all found it to be difficult and a little hair razing especially for the nitro planes when the breeze pushed the balloons near to the ground. Gerry Rodel with his nitro Razor had a case of nervous thumbs like a bride at the altar “this may explain the guarder I saw him wearing”. Never the less we gave him a ½ point for bumping a balloon with his gear on landing. Peter gave us all a show that made my butt pucker. His four stroke four star was so close to the trees so many times the trees where actually moving out of the way and I swear I saw birds bailing from their nests in fear as he zoomed by. Chris Orban nailed a streamer with his 3D foamy for one point. (Didn’t I say last month I needed to knee cap him in the parking lot) Mike Korb had a unique plan where he adjusted his altitude even with the balloons and started to do hard left rudder turns with the wings level. That was a great idea right up to when the propeller kissed the grass in anger. Emery Marsh was turning and burning in amongst the streamers like a humming bird on crack until the ground leaped up a smacked his plane not once but twice and John Donnelly could not repeat his earlier triumph but not for a lack of trying. As for myself I was lucky to hit a streamer with my Escapade but instead of it snapping on impact, about 10 feet or so hitched a ride on my left wing for a few passes.

 Next we tried to let loose balloons with streamers long enough to slow the balloons assent therefore giving the guys time to hit it. Many attempts where made to work out the fine points where Chris was the guinea pig pilot and I sent him skyward again and again chasing after balloons that just refused to cooperate. At one point John volunteered to release the balloons from the tree line across the field but all was for naught.

 We gave up on free-floating targets and moved on to the loop contest and spot landing. After reaching level flight at midfield a buzzer would start your one-minute time to complete as many loops as possible. Misha came to late for the balloon bust but showed us fogies how many times a micro Cessna can loop within the airspace of a diner plate, and if you’re wondering the count was 24 loops.

 All together this fun fly didn’t suck that much. We learned about what can be done with helium balloons. We learned John Donnelly can use less then 10 airplanes in a fun fly and Gerry can use more then zero airplanes in a fun fly. We learned that everyone MUST watch when Peter flies just don’t sit down and no one should watch when I fly. We learned the every airplane Mike Korb owns has orange wings. We learned that Emery knows how to “turn and burn” a 3D plane but still cannot find the rest of his bicycle. We learned that Chris Orban would hover though any event I come up with and Misha will be a master of the skies before he is old enough ride a big wheel.

   The weather was good the wind was fair and as we continue with these monthly events I will try to remove all that sucks and replace it with all that doesn’t suck.

Next Air Benders Sunday November 3rd is “Helicopter Day” at Heavenly Farms


December Air benders will be Streamer Combat !!

 In attendance

Mike “turning left, turning left” Korb

Gerry “blushing bride” Rodel

Chris “hover man” Orban

John “airplane needs a transmission” Donnelly

Emery “where is the rest of my bike” Marsh

Misa “loops are my thing man”

Peter “tree hugger” D

Mike “clown collage” D

“Because I was sick and not feeling well, my typical “have fun or stay home” attitude was fairly muted and as it turns out our folks can have fun just standing around the field and don’t need my coaching so adding in the flying stuff is icing on the cake for them. Once again Air Benders attempted to entertain our pilots and once again they did it themselves in spite of the Air Benders, witch is just a superfluous entity muddling around looking for jaded blank stares to turn into smiles when the whole time the only thing those jaded blank faces need do is show up at the field where our members do the rest. They can’t help it, it is who and what they are and I’m proud to be part of it”.  Mike D.

Air Benders September 2013 Fun Fly Report:

It was overcast, gloomy and humid Sunday morning September 1st but we still had 10 hardy souls who braved the threatening skies to engage in a fierce and ruthless tournament not for the weak hearted!

Well,,,,,,, we flew some airplanes around and busted each others balls mostly. Not speaking for anyone else, my assessment is that was among the most fun I have had with model aviation so far.

This was a “park-flyer” day so we started with the limbo. I was surprised how challenging the limbo is and I was also surprised how many of our guys did great. Myself, Gerry Roedel and Peter D. all shared the same airplane so that was a busy pit crew with all the bumps and bangs on that airplane. Chris Orban showed off by hovering his 3D plane under the limbo line twice, (I might need to knee cap him in the parking lot before the next fun fly). We had some damaged airplanes from hitting the limbo line and two that lost motors in flight (I think Alex is still out there looking for bits and pieces, Buy a hot glue gun dude.) One of us even snapped off the 5 foot wooden fearing stick I used to hold up the top of the limbo line (I cant lie, it was me). Mike Korb and John Donnely schooled us and had some cool thumbs under pressure, Tony Caracciolo demonstrated his patented street landing technique and Tony Palmer wanted us see a demonstration as to what happens if your elevator is reversed and simultaneously see him pull off the shortest flight of the day, he was successful on both counts.

Then we moved onto the spot landing challenge and I was surprised again how hard it was especially for the foamy 3D airplanes. Gene Letcher, (Mister 3D) had one hell of a time getting his foamy to cooperate for that. Peter D had to forgo this part because the super deluxe, race ready, twin engine, screaming fast, foamy Cessna we three where sharing (its really bits of EPO foam, CA glue, bamboo sticks and packing tape all holding hands with a battery strapped on) lost a engine in flight and that three man pit crew just could put humpty together again.

So then I asked if anyone wanted more of this extremely competitive and stressful girly pillow fight we where calling a fun fly when Uncle Alex says, “Who wants to try streamer combat?” me and Chris Orban grabbed two other airplanes and where at the flight line before he put a period on the sentence. We three took to the air like steely eyed veteran combat aces hunting for our next kill!! However; the reality is not quite what I expected. First of all I got light headed because I was having so much fun a forgot to breathe a few times, second is real hard to cut those streamers. Chris and I even tried to hit each other’s airplanes and this was not to be ether.

“Man O Man, we have to try streamer combat again”!!

All together the first Air Benders fun fly must have really sucked because no one that attended said they would come back,,,,,,, unless we hold another one. Luckily they are monthly.

Next; October 5th is “Balloon Bust” at Edison Park with anything that has wings and can fly.

 In attendance where all TCRC members

Mike “The ringer” Korb

Tony “Reverse elevator” Palmer

Tony “I land in streets” Caracciolo

Gene “Mister 3D” Letcher

Alex “Did anyone see where my motor fell off” Szemere

Chris “Show off” Orban

Peter “Those are my tress” Duszkiewicz

John “Witch of these 10 planes should I use next” Donnely

Gerry “I don’t need no stinking airplane” Roedel

Mike “I won cuz I did the scoring” DiGennaro