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Sunday October 22, 2017

Annual Clunker Fly & Frankenplane Event


 Don’t miss this one!  Saturday October 21st 2017 at 11:00am is the day you need to bring a video camera to the field. The Clunker Fun Fly is where you dig out and dust off that nasty old airplane(s) that may or may not fly, patch it up with duct tape and glue, bring it out to the field and see what happens. Last year was a blast even though it was cold.  I think the most fun will be the Frankenstein category. The idea here is to cob together parts/remains from different airplanes with little care as to its appearance (a wing from this one, a tail from this one and so on) (and try not to test fly it in advance) bring it out for our beauty/ugly contest and then see if it can fly and if so how long.

 If you don’t have a true “clunker” bring you oldest, crappiest flying machine anyway or just bring your camera and cheer on the others. 


We will have the following honorable mention prizes for the Clunker Fun Fly... 

Longest flight, shortest flight, scariest flight, ugliest airplane, largest debris field, smallest debris field, most number of parts to fall off while still flying, most number of crappy airplanes to fly by one pilot, most number of crappy airplanes attempted to fly by one pilot, largest amount of repairs using tape, largest number of different types of tape for repairs, least likely to take of and land but does, worst paint or covering, best emergency landing, worst emergency landing, largest fire, smallest fire, the farthest distance for a lost airplane recovery, most frightening yet flyable, most number of parts on one airplane that are from another airplane, most amount of unintentional loops, highest tree limb strike, lowest tree limb strike, fastest tree limb strike and finally... the most unrecognizable remains.


Remember, the crapper the better!


The Frankenplane event !!!

Make a flying machine from two or more different airplanes or from "things other than airplanes" In the past guys have created airplanes from, furniture and rain gutters. This is more fun then should be allowed.


Are we having fun yet?

Mike D.