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Thursday January 18, 2018

Heli seminar, Demo & Fun Fly Thursday July 10th:


  We had a great day at the Heli seminar and the Amain hobby folks where generous with their time and with their wallets. The representatives from this California based RC company pulled into the field parking lot with an enormous bus like RV wasted no time helping and advising our folks.

 The head of the team Greggor McGrath gave the club some very nice gifts to hand out as we see fit. The flight team included Tim Jones and Devin Lablanc who are famous among the 3D helicopter community as demonstrated by our pilots requesting autographs. The club turnout was impressive and I had a hard time taking a head count because it was like a beehive with all the activity some folks coming and going, I guess about 30 (or more) with 2/3 or more being members and of the total attending about half where spectators. Despite the heat everyone had a good time and I’m certain I speak for all when I say those guys know how to fly! The 3D fights they put on where like nothing I have seen before and had a jaw dropping affect.

  All of our pilots where enriched by the teams insight and advice and this event would not have been successful without the knowledge and efforts by members Ricky Criqui and John Reyes, thanks guys.

   It was a good day and a great show. Thanks to all who came.

“Are we having fun or what?”

 Mike D.

Photos from the day;