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Thursday January 18, 2018

Sunday June 1st Air Benders Fun Fly will be streamer combat


By popular demand streamer combat is back. Many folks have built "Wild Hogs" for this event and many others are ready for combat as well.

We will start at Noon and stop when the last victim falls. This and all future fun fly events will be held at our home field in Pulda Farms, North Brunswick.


Air Benders Report


 Streamer Combat Fun Fly June 1st:



If you where there then you know how much fun it was! If you could not make it, well,,,,,,, try harder next time. We are having so much fun at these fun fly’s it may get taxed by the government soon. (lol) We are really having a good time! Try and attend, you wont regret it. No fee, no score keeping, no judging, no kidding!



Lots of smiling & laughing for all.


Mike D.