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Monday December 18, 2017

Saturday Night Lights; (Check Calendar For Dates)


North Brunswick Aerodrome night flying from 7:30 to 9:00 Restricted to electric airplanes and small helicopters. Since noise after dark is a concern Wild Hogs are not welcome unless they have been modified to fly quietly. It is optional but strongly recommended to install lighting on aircraft and we have floodlights for the pit area and runway lights. 


Not interested in night flying? Come out anyway. We order pizza and hang out with freainds and watch the light show


WOW,,, Are we having fun !!!

Check out these amazing night photos by Jim Plastine

September 7th Air Benders fun fly will be NSRCA pattern practice.Start is 10:00am. (no kidding, if your not there and ready to fly by 10:30 we will start without you)

Our special guest will be Dana Beaton from NSRCA who will be assisting our pilots and demonstrating pattern flying

 We will use the NSRCA Sportsman sequence (links)

Heli seminar, Demo & Fun Fly Thursday July 10th:


  We had a great day at the Heli seminar and the Amain hobby folks where generous with their time and with their wallets. The representatives from this California based RC company pulled into the field parking lot with an enormous bus like RV wasted no time helping and advising our folks.

 The head of the team Greggor McGrath gave the club some very nice gifts to hand out as we see fit. The flight team included Tim Jones and Devin Lablanc who are famous among the 3D helicopter community as demonstrated by our pilots requesting autographs. The club turnout was impressive and I had a hard time taking a head count because it was like a beehive with all the activity some folks coming and going, I guess about 30 (or more) with 2/3 or more being members and of the total attending about half where spectators. Despite the heat everyone had a good time and I’m certain I speak for all when I say those guys know how to fly! The 3D fights they put on where like nothing I have seen before and had a jaw dropping affect.

  All of our pilots where enriched by the teams insight and advice and this event would not have been successful without the knowledge and efforts by members Ricky Criqui and John Reyes, thanks guys.

   It was a good day and a great show. Thanks to all who came.

“Are we having fun or what?”

 Mike D.

Photos from the day;

Sunday, July 6th 10:30am is Air Benders bomb drop fun fly.


Students, new pilots or anyone without a bomb drop device. We will have one of the club trainers (with a buddy box if needed) equipped with a complete bomb drop set up for any member to use. This means NO EXCUSES for not coming. 


You can use any bomb or release you want as long as its safe (I would recommend the Hobby king kit for $10.00 Rules are simple: drop your bomb on the ground while keeping your airplane in the air, cant get any simpler. There will be clearly marked bulls-eye type rings on the ground with an easy to see flag on a stick in the center

 Three types of drops:

1st, "Singles", One plane / one bomb, do your best

2nd, "Dive bomb", same thing but in a dive 

3rd, "The squadron drop" teams of two or more (if we have enough guys up to four) drop as a team 



** Inter club fun fly event(s) in August **

TCRC will host our first inter club Air Benders Streamer combat fun fly with the Monmouth RC club on Sunday August 3rd at Pulda farms. The Monmouth RC club (MMAC) will in turn host our members for there slalom course fun fly on Sunday August 10th.

My understanding of the slalom fun fly: First, they run things just like us where they have rules and a theme but no one really keeps score and its just for the fun of it. They tell me any airplane is welcome but that mostly they use foamy’s on a 5 gate timed course.

I spent some time with these folks at the clubs 50th birthday/fun fly party and I’m happy to say they are a great bunch of folks and this will be lots of fun. MMAC president Matt Hamilton and the members where very welcoming to us at the event and where extremely excited about this idea. In fact they want to visit our field to see the airplanes we use for streamer combat so they can prepare for it. I will visit them and do the same for the slalom course (if anyone would like to join me please call)

Three more TCRC / MMAC inter club events to follow in the months ahead

It would be a great display of TCRC club unity if we have a respectable turn out for these. I promise it will be fun! Try and make it if you can!

Mike D. 

Sunday June 1st Air Benders Fun Fly will be streamer combat


By popular demand streamer combat is back. Many folks have built "Wild Hogs" for this event and many others are ready for combat as well.

We will start at Noon and stop when the last victim falls. This and all future fun fly events will be held at our home field in Pulda Farms, North Brunswick.


Air Benders Report


 Streamer Combat Fun Fly June 1st:



If you where there then you know how much fun it was! If you could not make it, well,,,,,,, try harder next time. We are having so much fun at these fun fly’s it may get taxed by the government soon. (lol) We are really having a good time! Try and attend, you wont regret it. No fee, no score keeping, no judging, no kidding!



Lots of smiling & laughing for all.


Mike D.