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Thursday January 18, 2018

HEADLINING: Club meetings on the last Thursday each month (Except Nov & Dec) at 8 PM in the Monroe First Aid Squad Building, 47 Monmouth Rd, Monroe Township, NJ. Directions

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Fixed Wing Pilot:

Solo Pilot Qualification Maneuvers

  • Four unassisted flights in one day
  • Normal takeoff - Straight Flight Out
  • Procedure turn - straight flight back
  • Stall turn
  • Immelmann
  • Two consecutive inside loops
  • Roll
  • Split S
  • Observe traffic pattern
  • In flight trimming
  • Runway landing
  • Simulated dead stick landing
  • Review of Field Rules - Flight Lines

K      Knowledge of procedures & boundaries


Pilot Qualification Maneuvers

  • Solo Pilot endorsement
  • Takeoff – Straight Flight Out
  • Procedure Turn – Straight Flight Back
  • Stall Turn and consecutive Immelmann
  • Split S and Outside Loop
  • Three Consecutive Loops and Rolls
  • Straight Inverted Flight – Parallel to Runway
  • In Flight Trimming

Actual Dead Stick Landing

Helicopter Pilot:


Multi-rotor Pilot:

1)Show a working understanding of multi-rotor operation, club rules and in most cases FPV operations. 2) Flight test with instrutor


FPV Operator:

1)Show a working knowlage of FPV video systems, FPV rules and saftey. 2) Flight test with instructor


Tri County RC Club  Basic New Member Information

  1. Following the first meeting, submission of an application, membership in the AMA and registration with the FAA you are a probationary member. Probationary members can make use of the club RC field(s) only when other full members are present and only after your pilot/student status has been established/confirmed. (This includes any FPV)  
  2. Membership ID badges must be worn/visible while using club field(s)
  3. All new members who request flight training will be assigned a club instructor. (Most instructors have club owned trainer airplanes for student’s temporary use)
  1. Attending your second meeting will allow you to be voted into the club as a full member.
  1. All new members not requiring flight instruction will be required to pass a pilot flight proficiency test before having use of any club RC field. (This includes any FPV)
  2. All aircraft used at TCRC outdoor fields must have the pilots name, phone number, AMA number & FAA number ether visible or accessible without tools.


Pilot Definitions: Student: May only fly with instructor present. Solo: May fly without instructor on trainer aircraft only. Pilot: May fly unrestricted (within AMA, club & field rules)

 Pilot Types: TCRC has 4 individual and separate pilot types, Fixed-wing, Helicopter, Multi-rotor & FPV and each has specific requirements for certification before operating those type of aircraft at club field(s)


  • Club meetings are the last Thursday each month except in November & December
  • Club information & event schedule(s) available at
  • Every club member is expected to help remind other members of the field rules.
  • Members are welcome to bring guests any time however guests who fly must have AMA        membership and an FAA number to use any TCRC field.
  • Members are responsible and will be held fully accountable for their guest’s actions.
  • After two visits to a TCRC field as a guest pilot (other then at organized club events) it is expected these persons will join the club.       
  • Each Monday members receive and email reminder of club events for the coming week
  • Club officers contact information in on each club ID card and the club we site

Pulda Farms Aerodrome in North Brunswick is the TCRC home field and its use is exclusively for TCRC members & their guests only. The township issues the usage permit to the TCRC club and not to any one person. Rules for its use are plainly posted and enforced as our continued residence can be unfavorably affected by misuse.