From the desk of the Prez
Thursday January 18, 2018

HEADLINING: Club meetings on the last Thursday each month (Except Nov & Dec) at 8 PM in the Monroe First Aid Squad Building, 47 Monmouth Rd, Monroe Township, NJ. Directions

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Howdy All,

 The March closing of the Pulda Farms field was unfortunate but not unexpected. Some may remember last April when we first began work on the runway, the entrance road was in poor condition then. This year’s weather and subsequent thaw has really done a number on it and the dry out will take some time.


 The TCRC RC auction will be June 27th and we are hoping for a good turn out of buyers and sellers. I would like to thank Alex Szemere for his efforts working on this and would also remind the membership we will need many helpers to hold a good event. No hard work involved, just making change, move the sale items around, selling hot dogs etc... TCRC 2015 picnic has a date (August 8th) and promises to surpass last year. With more time to plan I expect a great party with food and friends at the field. This year we have also set aside the following day as the rain date additionally there will not be a fun fly but open flying for all. (Perhaps a few surprises demonstrations)


 Pride; is the best word to describe my feelings for the Tri County members who attended the March 11th IEEE presentation at Neptune High School. Our folks did an amazing job and I cannot thank them enough.We has a great number of members who came, but also the impressive quality of the presentations and simulator work we did. Our guys did a wonderful job displaying knowledge, information and enthusiasm to these engineering minded students and made it fun too! Last but not least is my endless thanks and admiration for Emery Mersich who was the driving force from day one of that project and our club is made better by his tenacious drive to educate and organize.  


 I reissue my challenge for the membership to come up with a flying event we can try. No idea is to crazy to consider as long as it’s safe and breaks no AMA or club rules, does not require a safety crew, crash helmet, blast protection, fire or firearms. Lastly, Alex and myself a beginning our quest to recruit a new batch of instructors and would like to hear from anyone interested. See you at the field.


Remember; its fun, come out and have some

Mike DiGennaro (Mike D.)

  "Fun, Fun, Fun"
Theme Days atTCRC you can plan for.
1. Everyone is welcome to attend even if your not flying. 
2.These are not events but just a theme for the day and will not stop any members from using the field for normal RC flying. 
3.These ARE NOT the Air Benders Fun Fly and there is no fee to fly. The Air Benders monthly fun fly will continue as before.
 This stuff is all about enjoying our chosen hobby. These are not contests but a "just for fun' event where pilots can share a particular category of the hobby with others who have the same interest. Think of it as a normal day at the RC field where everyone happens to bring the same type of aircraft.
July 19th, 3d goof off Day.
August 8th, War birds at Pulda
August 22st, FPV day
September, 12th Pattern day
September, 26th Helicopter day
October, 11th Glow day
October, 25th 3D day
November, # to be anounced day
(# = date to be announced)
​I think this will be fun but "Ya Never Know Until You Try" so,,, any input, comments, complaints or cash bribes from members are welcome and encouraged.​
Mike DiGennaro (Mike D.)

Hey Folks,

  Even though no one was asking I feel obligated to explain our club dues increase from $35.00 to $50.00 per year. The increase is due to expenses for the care of our wonderful airfield at Pulda Farm in North Brunswick. We have grass cutting, snow plowing and general upkeep and repairs. As I type this, plans are being debated for further improvements in the fences, the addition off a grass runway to double the width of the currant Geotex surface, perhaps lengthen the overrun areas at each end of the runway and some more permanent tables in the pit area. My feeling is we are all getting a great value as our awesome little club gets better every day.

 My hope for the Tri County RC club is to stir up more interest from our wonderful members and get more folks off the recliner out to the field. Since starting the regular flying events I notice more guys coming out but still it’s not enough. I want our people to really have a good time at the field and some are beginning to visit the events just to watch and hang out with the guys. I think that is great and hope to see more. I would also like put forward a challenge to all members to come up with an event idea we can try. We are up for almost anything!

  If anyone thinks “from the presidents desk” is going to be serious and all business, they don’t know me very well.  

 So I saved up some pennies for my favorite RC event of the year and the 2015 WRAM show promises to better then last year. Hopefully my wife won’t notice all the new boxes and bags I bring home. An old timer once told me “leave your booty in the car until after dark” or “when you load up for a day at the flying field, each time you make a trip out to the car bring stuff back in with you so it goes unnoticed” WOW,, I’m glad Jane encourages me to expand my hobby, I would hate sneaking around like that but its funny to think about when I feel guilty about my poor impulse control and my constant attempts to blow up Pay Pal for the latest RC widget.


Remember; its fun, come out and have some!

Mike D.

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year to the club members and welcome to 2015. As the new club president I will give the club my best effort to continue expanding our clubs activities and to carry on with the growth and improvement of the North Brunswick airfield. I would like to thank our outgoing president Larry Kosniar for a great job and for continuing to serve the club by accepting the position as vice president. (Someone needs to keep me in line) I would like to welcome Ricky Shumaker as our new club secretary and to complement Ricky on the great job as newsletter editor and I would also like to thank Rick Criqui for taking over field maintenance from me and wish him well as we move towards our next field project (s). Between our new flying field and various events, our club had a great year in 2014 and the plans for 2015 are shaping up quickly. Emery has busted his buns to finance and organize the Metuchen indoor program and also has a large IEEE event scheduled in March (see web site for more info) The Air Benders monthly fun fly will continue, the twice monthly pattern practice will continue and will hopefully become more popular as the weather gets friendlier. The Twice monthly Saturday night flying will continue until the sunlight gets in the way. (Emery will be posting the Metuchen indoor schedule by the time you read this.) A few points of interest; The TCRC club web site continues to expand and is a tremendous source of information for all and we now also have a Facebook page. Atoms RC swap meet is February 7th and the 2015 WRAM show is coming February 20, 21 and 22 with various RC suppliers and manufactures in attendance so I urge you to check it out. See You At The Field! Mike DiGennaro

I must say that since being elected to the Presidency, many of my goals have been achieved.  The first one was that I was proud to read about the Tri County Club in Model Aviation.  The AMA District II column has an article about the club's activities.  It was very satisfying to see some of our members named in the article.  This was one goal I had always believed our club was capable of attaining.  I wish to congratulate the hard working members who made this possible.

Another of my visions was locating a new flying field.  I believe we are well on our way to making this happen.  We will speak more of this at the next meeting.  I strongly suggest that you find some time to assist with the preparation of the new flying site.  You should contact Mike D, our secretary, and get on his list to help with field improvements.  If every one of our members does a little bit, no one will have to face a major task.  Speaking to Mike D. can be very infectious because of his positive attitude and love of the hobby.  With these tools he has been searching out a location that we can call our home.  We have several members who also put forth effort to finding a new location, and this has been an activity many of us have undertaken throughout the years.  Regarding a new location, it is my opinion that we will be establishing field specific safety rules and procedures along with the AMA Safety Code.

The new website is a living and growing being, which can change as we see a need to change.  Information will be readily available and updated and the website is not going to be a static, stagnant pool.   The Exec. committee is planning to combine the newsletter and the website into one location.  This will be better for the membership.  We will have to have a motion proposed and voted on to amend the bylaws to make this a reality.  Please give this some thought and make constructive suggestions as to the content which would be of interest to all.  Bring your ideas to the meeting, or if you feel awkward speaking at the meeting, e-mail your suggestions and I will bring them to the discussion.  Remember this is our club, not my club, so your input is important!  Within the next few months we will post on the website the proposed amended constitution for review and approval at a meeting that will be announced in a timely fashion.   My opinion regarding the constitutional amendment is that it will be less painful for all to review the information on the website rather than having to take the time during our meeting to read it.

April 27th 2014 will be the North Brunswick COPS AND RODS event from 8 am to 4 pm.  Much like the street fair of previous years, this event allows us to expose other people to our wonderful hobby.  Members will be needed to man the booth, show off your pride and joys, and meet new people, and hopefully make many new friends.  I will be taking names of the participants at the next meeting.  I will also explain some of our plans for the event.

This message started out reflecting on an earlier event and will be closed in a similar manner.  The bus trip to the Steven Udvay-Hazy Museum was a day all the attendees will fondly remember as it was a fantastic aviation-related activity, including movies on the trip in both directions.  Meeting with our former member, the Chief Curator of the Smithsonian, Dr. Peter Jacob, was a great experience as he focused on the young students, explaining what opportunities are available to them.  He drove almost an hour from his home to meet with us.  After the welcome talk he turned the group over to our guides for the tour.  He also purchased and autographed two of his published works and presented them to me on behalf of the club.  These items will be maintained for everyone's inspection and use.  For his friendship and devotion to aviation I will be opening a discussion regarding the proper way to acknowledge him at the upcoming meeting.

I do have other items on my wish list and in the works but for you to know what they are you will have to attend the meetings.  Every meeting will be an adventure, that is all I can assure you. The March meeting will have a well-known R/C pilot having a discussion with all at the meeting.

See you at the meeting

Larry K.