From the desk of the Prez
Thursday January 18, 2018

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Hey Everyone,

  I did not think the club could do better than we did in 2014 but TCRC has had an amazing year between improvements and enhancements to the Pulda Farms field, numerous flying events, a great picnic, the new multi rotor field, FPV racing, RC auction, the large number of new faces to our family of members and various other events I think we did. With the November Clunker fly event and the December holiday party around the corner I feel 2015 will finish up as one of our banner accomplishments and it is all due to our dedicated members and their willingness to get involved.


 All this fun does have a price as it pertains to the work involved to pull off these events and assuming the membership wants me to continue as president in 2016, one of my goals is to encourage some new faces to run and or manage things around the club. Often there are too few doing too much and we need to spread workload to more members so I will be asking for a few volunteers to fill some appointed positions. For example; I would like members to run/help run the following, Night fly event, field caretaker, 2016 picnic, new member assistant (helping new members get orientated and engaged in the club) and perhaps a few more as things unfold in 2016.


  Meanwhile, we need to take a minute and thank our active club instructors who have been busier in 2015 by nearly twice what it was last year. In 2015 the club instructor roster increased by 4 and all of our guys new and old have my gratitude and thanks. With the large increase in new members this year I was to serve as a substitute instructor whenever someone could not meet up with a student or canceled on short notice and in 2015 I never had to fill in for a TCRC instructor once! Thanks again guys, your dedication is what makes us mighty.


  I have so many members to thank for this year is would be imposable to list them here but I hope each of you knows how much the club appreciates what we accomplished and you all have my gratitude and respect.


  In closing. Don’t miss the 2015 Clunker Fly & Frankenplane event. Find a clunker lying around and bring it down. No clunker, no frankenplane, come anyway!!!


Are we having fun yet?

Mike DiGennaro