From the desk of the Prez
Thursday January 18, 2018

HEADLINING: Club meetings on the last Thursday each month (Except Nov & Dec) at 8 PM in the Monroe First Aid Squad Building, 47 Monmouth Rd, Monroe Township, NJ. Directions

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So, I’m wound up about the 2015 picnic and anticipate a great day and loads of TCRC members and there family'sattending.

 The spring and so far this summer have been generous with the number of clear sunny weekends for flying and attendance at the field has been growing as a result. The monthly fun fly events are becoming even more popular but I still would like to see more NEW FACES. We really have fun and if you have not yet come out for an event you should try. The twice-monthly night fly & pizza party is a good example of the growing success. At the last night fly fully half of those in attendance where first timers or members who just came to watch, hang out, have some pizza and BS with the guys.


  FPV is fast becoming popular among the regulars at the field and upcoming fun fly's will include a division for FPV airplanes and copters, also future events will be planned specifically for this part of our hobby. This category of RC flying is not new to me but with many more folks getting involved, new and better systems and aircraft available it has suddenly become much more fun and very exciting. The TCRC web site now has an FPV page for those interested.  (still a work in progress


  I’m now adding in “Theme” day twice per month. This is not a fun fly but just a suggestion as to what type of aircraft you may want to bring with you to the field. For example; on August 8th we have “War-bird day” and there is no structured events, just a day where everyone who wants can bring war-bird’s. Future themes will include, “Scale day”, “Glow Day” “Old-ball airplane day”,  “Pattern day”, “Helicopter day”, “FPV day”, “Electric day”, "3D day"and so on down the list until it repeats.

  As usual, I want the member’s input and comments on anything and everything.


This is Fun, Get Out and Have Some,

Mike DiGennaro