From the desk of the Prez
Thursday January 18, 2018

HEADLINING: Club meetings on the last Thursday each month (Except Nov & Dec) at 8 PM in the Monroe First Aid Squad Building, 47 Monmouth Rd, Monroe Township, NJ. Directions

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 Hi Folks,

  The month of May has seen the TCRC club off to a running start for the 2015 season. We have our new fence and bulletin board installed at the field and Larry Kosinar constructed two new fantastic run stands.  The weather has been good and I’m hoping more members will attend one or more of our numerous flying events.

  I want to congratulate Rich Rodriguez into the instructor ranks and Tony Caracciolo as our new flight coach and to acknowledge their commitment to helping others.  Its members like them that make me proud to belong to our club. Thanks Guys!

  June 6th is the open house at Old Bridge airport. Last year was a good day but with only Larry and myself it was a little too much for twp guys. Please call me if you come, I promise you have fun.  June 27th is the TCRC RC auction and we need all the help we can get. Its not hard work its mostly just collecting money and moving airplanes around. Pleas call Alex if you can help. 

  Lastly, I renew my challenge to every member. If you have an idea for an event or any other suggestions for club activities I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. No idea is too crazy!

Remember; its fun, come out and have some!

Mike D.